Yamaha Apex Snow Bike Sled Tube

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Watch your children zip through the slopes with the Yamaha Apex Kids Snow Bike. Ideal for children 6 years and up, the Yamaha Apex Kids Snow Bike is constructed out of durable steel framing, meaning you make use of the snow bike for many seasons. The Yamaha Apex Kids Snow Bike is fitted with a snow brake feature, ensuring that your little one is secure when cruising in the snow. The front towing system alongside a lightweight frame means you can easily carry the snow bike up even the snowiest of hills.

The Yamaha Apex Kids Snow Bike also comes with an adjustable seat meaning you can continue to use the bike as your child grows. Rubber hand grips offer added support and comfort ensuring that your child has the time of their lives while remaining safe. 



  • Steel frame feature, adjustable seat for rider comfort
  • Front towing system for easy carry uphill
  • Snow brake system
  • Super lightweight design
  • Rubber hand grip for comfort
  • Assembly required: Skis, seat and handlebars
  • Assembly time: 15 minutes (approx)
  • Maximum weight: 39.9 kg
  • Age range: 6+ Year

Yamaha Apex Snow Bike Sled Tube