Traeger Gourmet Blend 33 lbs. Wood Pellets

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Whether you’re craving a mouth-watering brisket or a Dutch oven cherry cobbler—smoke it to perfection. Traeger has dedicated years to developing a blend of hardwoods with the compact cell structure needed for a balanced, dependable burn. We maintain our moisture to smoke ratio firmly at 5%—the sweet spot—with no fillers or binding agents, just robust flavor. Creating 100% food grade hardwood pellets comes naturally to Traeger. The premium quality of Traeger pellets translates into delicious culinary creations with character. Taste the Traeger Difference.

Traeger's Gourmet Blend is a versatile mix of sweet maple complemented by notes of savory hickory and tart cherry. Its robust flavor is great with everything.


  • Exclusive Extra Large 33 lb. Bag. 65% Larger than 20 lb. Bag
  • Gourmet Blend - Maple, Hickory and Cherry
  • Perfect for Grilling, Smoking, Baking, Roasting, Braising and BBQing
  • Always store indoor and in a sealed container
  • 100% Food-Grade Hardwood Pellets
  • Made in the USA

Traeger Gourmet Blend 33 lbs. Wood Pellets