SNAP CLIP Ceiling Tiles 64 sqft Kit Pack (Flat White)

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Advantages of SnapClip

It has a sleek design: It gives your ceiling a sleek, contemporary look without having to spend much. This system can complement all kinds of décor and interior designs.

 QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: If you want a ceiling transformation that causes minimal disruption and downtime, this is it. The overall project is completed fast and efficiently so you can start enjoying your beautiful ceiling in no time.

 EASY ACCESS TO DUCTS/PIPES AND CABLES: The system can be used to hide unsightly structural and mechanical components exposed on the ceiling such as pipes, plumbing, and cables. You also get easy access to these elements because the panels can be removed when entry is needed and be neatly slid back in place once repairs are complete.

 NO VISIBLE NAILS OR SCREWS: Any hardware on the ceiling will remain invisible once the installation of SnapClip is complete. This doesn’t compromise the strength or durability of the ceiling.

 LOW MAINTENANCE: SnapClip is made of a material that is very easy to clean. Just wipe off dirt as you would on your kitchen cabinets.


Your SnapClip system comes with several parts which will be used in the installation process. They include:

Tiles – J-mould – Rails – T-bars – Clips

You can easily calculate how much material you’ll need to purchase for your ceiling depending on its dimensions. For instance, if you have a 250 square ft ceiling, you’ll need about 5 boxes of tiles and 6 boxes of T-Bars for a complete installation.

Using the SnapClip suspended ceiling system, you can add beauty and character to your basement at a low price.