COCOOIL Topical Sunscreen, 2-pack

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  • WHAT DOES IT DO: Made using only free-trade coconuts for oil extraction, this sunscreen has a number of benefits. The ingredients are specially formulated to help keep skin smooth and supple while hydrating, but also protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  • WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT: We use Cold pressed organic coconut oil, which has higher quality than usual organic coconut oil. When nearly all sunscreens are predominantly water based and can quickly evaporate, the emollient properties of COCOOIL, protect and hydrate skin against the sun’s drying effects, keeping skin silky smooth.
  • FEATURED ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, natural botanicals, shea butter and beeswax all come together to help you get that sun kissed look without burning. This is our strongest level of sun protection; good for 60 minutes and water resistant.
  • HOW TO USE IT: Apply generous amounts of our Tropical Sunscreen to all exposed areas of the face and body 15-20 minutes prior to sun exposure and again after swimming, toweling or heavy perspiration. Reapply frequently.
  • WHY COCOOOIL: COCOOIL captures the natural health benefits of organic coconut oil, providing a luxurious feel to skin while hydrating and protecting. COCOOIL is cruelty-free, scientifically proven, and dermatologically tested and approved.

COCOOIL Topical Sunscreen, 2-pack