Wine Ethusiast - Classic VinoView 300-Bottle Wine Cellar

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(New In Box) Classic VinoView 300-Bottle Wine Cellar offers the capacity of a small room cellar, handling 254 bottles with shelves in place, and up to 300 bottles with shelves taken out.

As a utilitarian, single-zone free-standing cabinet, it's born for bulk, keeping your wine at the correct temperature and protecting your investments with state-of-the-art-performance.

It features a black aluminum trimmed door with black aluminum handle and is the best possible environment for long term storage of prized reds, protecting them as they mature to peak perfection.

Developed by our experts, we carefully considered all your suggestions on what would make our line of wine cellars even better.

  • Versatility
  • Innovative, lower profile, wood shelf design allows for the most efficient use of space and maximum storage capacity

  • Sleek Door Design
  • UV protected, dual pane smoked glass doors are reversible for easy placement anywhere in your home.

  • Soft White LED Lighting
  • Brilliant glow safely illuminates your bottles, showcasing your wine in style.

  • Digital Climate Control
  • Intuitive digital thermostatic controls make it easy to set and keep your desired temperature to allow your wine to age undisturbed
  • Maximum Storage Capacity
  • New innovative shelving design comfortably accommodates every size bottle in your collection. Smart spacing between shelves ensures easy access and proper protection for your bottles and labels.

  • Shelving
  • Each innovative shelf proudly presents 6 of your favorite bottles with the labels forward, with an additional 8 bottles behind to
  • Spacious cabinet is ideal for those whose collections include Bordeaux's, California Reds and Pinot Noirs.
  • 1 year Parts & Labor warranty.

  • Designed to comfortably hold up to 300 bottles* for the ultimate wine storage experience!

  • The advanced, spacious storage for the red wine collector: The large capacity single-zone unit is ideal for those whose collection is mostly red wines.
  • Features:

  • 5 Shelves Showcase Your Prized Wines
  • 5 Regular Shelves to Maximize Storage Capacity
  • Large Capacity Single Zone Design Holds up to 300 Bottles*
  • Soft Withe LED Lighting and Security Lock